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tony_kate's Journal

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Kate Todd and Tony DiNozzo LJ Community
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Welcome to the Kate Todd and Tony DiNozzo livejournal community. This is a community for fans of NCIS couple-to-be Kate and Tony, played by Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander. Here we can discuss about them, post pictures, fanfictions, icons and any other kind of fanart, music videos, news and everything related to them. Use an LJ cut whenever posting pictures, fanfics, icons and any other graphic, be respectiful to those with dial up.

This community is moderated by hannahstarr and wickedandcruel so if you have any questions concerning the community don't hesitate to ask us!

And remember these rules:
1. Respect each other.
2. Spoilers behind cuts and well-warned, please.
3. Discussion of the show in general is welcome.
4. I reserve the right to ban posters who bash this ship or other members of this community.
4. PLEASE do not plagiarize! This hasn't been in the rules because I thought it was understood by everything... but plagiarism in no way, shape, or form is tolerated and may result in being banned if the content is not removed.

kate/tony is love
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Useful links:

+ Beyond-Bickering[dot]Net --- Kate and Tony fansite
+ Forever Tate
+ Kate/Tony Yahoo Group
+ NCIS Fans --- You can find Kate/Toy shippy vids here
+ Vanessa's stories
+ NCIS Special Ops - where you can find a Shipper section to discuss Kate and Tony.
+ Kate/Tony fanlisting
+ NCIS fic at Fanfiction.Net
+ Kate/Tony C2 community at ff.net
+ On the couple's board at Fanforum.com, there is the Kate/Tony thread ;)

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